Fungal Growth

Environmental Forensics, LLC is an unbiased expert source for environmental investigation. When an environmental, safety, or health issue arises, we determine the causative factors, develop a remediation plan to solve the immediate problem, and help to prevent reoccurrences.

Environmental Forensics, LLC is an unbiased third party. We do not do any remedial work as this is a conflict of interest. We perform investigations, testing, and design a scope of work detailing required remedial measures.

We specialize in:

• Mold and other microbial issues
• Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
• Training for any environmental safety and health topic
• Water infiltration/Flooding, Leakage
• Monitoring of construction and renovation projects
• Asbestos and other hazardous materials
• Air, water, soil, and building material related concerns
• Emergency response
• Bedbug investigations
• And much more...

We are available for residential, commercial, and government properties.