Fungal Growth

Environmental Forensics, LLC acts as an unbiased third party.  We do not recommend that a firm involved with remedial work be involved with determining its need, or scope; we feel that this is a conflict of interest. 

Environmental Forensics, LLC, performs expert assessments, testing, and investigation of site conditions, determination of potential causative factors and design of remedial measures. 

Services can be limited to visual inspection and/or testing to confirm or determine if a problem exists.  Evaluation of why a problem exists and appropriate remedial options are always available. 

Audits, tests and inspections can be performed without known problems, to screen for potential problems, establish current conditions, or document compliance efforts. 

Programs can be designed to help prevent problems, such as Mold Operations & Maintenance Plans (MOM Plans), Training, Periodic Surveillance, Asbestos Management Plans (AMP), Awareness Training, OSHA, EPA, DEP, FDA, GMP, BMP, and other regulatory agency compliance issues, and compliance with the various environmental safety and heath related healthy building programs, etc. 


Indoor Air Quality  (IAQ) from a comfort and health, or a regulatory compliance and/or HVAC function standpoint, productivity improvement evaluations based upon addressing decreases in lost time, or losses in effectiveness due to reduced health, etc. 

Mold, bacteria or other microbial issues, including unexplained occupant symptoms, “Sick Building Syndrome”, nosocomial investigations and solutions, Legionnaire’s Disease, or other outbreak condition, odor investigation and solution, etc.  Mold Operations & Maintenance Program Development to provide insurance premium reductions, Policy Riders, etc. 

Ergonomics and other worker injury related issues.

Real estate related evaluations and tests, including all ASTM and other site audits.

Reviews of proposed building or site plans and specifications for potential deficiencies that can lead to environmental safety and health problems. 

Noise, Radiation, Electromagnetic Interference, EMF.   

Rough Terrain/Off-Road Capabilities; the ability to access difficult locations. 

Process related emissions, including OSHA and EPA compliance, response to occupant or downwind complaints.

Air, water, soil, and building material related concerns. 

Selection of “Green Building” LEEDS, or other or environmentally and/or occupant friendly lifecycle building components and processes. 

Infrared (FLIR), Ultraviolet (UV), or other diagnostic wavelength scanning of building components, such as roofing, or interior structures and equipment, including proactive maintenance measures and design/projection of remedial options, etc.   

Emergency response including coordination with remedial contractors and regulatory agencies as appropriate when requested. 

Training on any environmental Safety and Health topic, including Asbestos, O&M, MOM (Mold Operations and Maintenance), Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, Blood Borne Pathogens, Electrical Safety, Lock-Out/Tag-Out, RTK/Hazard Communication Standard, The Laboratory Standard, Lead and other heavy metals, chemical hazards, Noise, EMF/VLF/Radiation, etc.

Testing for any energy, chemical or biological agent, in air, water, soil or building material.

Monitoring of construction and renovation projects, including hospital and healthcare settings, to help prevent future or current development of environmental safety and health problems.

Screening Test Kits – Kits that allow a screening test to be performed by the client, with laboratory reports and interpretation of results. 

Residential and commercial applications of all scopes are available. 

Environmental Forensics, LLC specializes in flexible, client oriented assessments and advice, designed to provide a simple answer to “What happened, what needs to be done to fix it, and to prevent it from happening again?”