Fungal Growth

Our full scope of work:

  • Mold, bacteria or other microbial issues
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Training on any environmental safety and health topic: (including Asbestos, O&M, MOM (Mold Operations and Maintenance), Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, Blood Borne Pathogens, Electrical Safety, Lock-Out/Tag-Out, RTK/Hazard Communication Standard, The Laboratory Standard, Lead and other heavy metals, chemical hazards, Noise, EMF/VLF/Radiation, etc.)
  • Water Infiltration/Flooding, Leakage
  • Monitoring of construction and renovation projects (including hospitals)
  • Asbestos and other hazardous materials
  • Air, water, soil, and building material related concerns
  • Emergency response, including coordination with remedial contractors and regulatory agencies
  • Bedbug investigations
  • Ergonomics and other worker injury related issues
  • Real estate related evaluations and tests, including all ASTM and other site audits
  • Reviews of proposed building or site plans and specifications for potential deficiencies that can lead to environmental safety and health issues
  • Noise, Radiation, Electromagnetic Interference, EMF
  • Process related emissions, including OSHA and EPA compliance, response to occupant or downwind complaints
  • Selection of "Green Building" LEEDS, or other environmentally and/or occupant-friendly lifecycle building components and processes
  • Testing for any energy, chemical, or biological agent, in air, water, soil or building material
  • And most other environmental/safety/health issues

  • Please contact us for information regarding your specific needs and concerns. There is never an obligation, and we are delighted to be of service.